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Kimono Dress

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Kimono Dress

Kimono dress is a traditional Japanese costume, basically a silk robe which is known as the national dress of Japan. The origin of kimono dress is china as this silk robe was worn by people during Wu Dynasty. Later Japanese also started layering up their silk robes the way a kimono dress looks. So, basically Japanese kimono also known as “Gofuku” is the dress derived from the garments worn in china. This mixing of two cultures and adaptations made by the Japanese resulted due to the immigration of the two nations during in the kofun period. Kimono dress was the everyday wear garment in the late 12 century and later it also becomes a working wear, being worn as official wear. Whereas in the present time, old style Kimono Dress is not typically used as everyday wear. With the changing time, kimono dress has evolved into a number of styles and designs.

Style of Kimono Dress

Kimono dress is stitched in a quite different way than simple silk robes. This dress is a t- shaped robe having a rectangular body that varies in length and square sleeves. Kimono dress comes with wrapped- front cloth and left side is wrapped over the right till it fits the wearer. Obi is worn over the kimono dress which is a broad sash having some motifs or embroidery on it.

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Variety in Kimono Dress

In the present time, kimono dress comes in various styles for women, men and children. Furthermore, it has variations based on the season you want to wear it in, the occasion, wearer’s age and so on. Our kimono dress shop has huge variety of kimono dresses for you. The collection sorted here is the best collection of kimono dress with each of it designed according to the modern fashion. Have a look into our kimono dress collection here and shop top notch kimono dresses to add to your wardrobe.

Kimono Dress Japanese

Japanese Kimono Dress collection of our shop comes with huge variety of kimono dresses such as yukata style kimono, kimono Dubai kaftan, kimono side zipper vestido, kimono midi dress and many more. These are some of the trendy kimono style dresses that we have sorted for you. You can shop any of the above mentioned style in your favorite color and suitable size. The designs variation is the best thing about this collection of kimono dress. You can shop kimono dress Japanese garments for casual as well as formal wear. Get your desired style kimono dress at amazing cost from this collection of kimono dress Japanese.

Top Selling Japanese Kimono Dress

Japanese Kimono Dress collection of our merch has the trendiest and stylish outfits. We have huge stock of classy kimono dresses for ladies in various designs and styles. Kimono America dress comes in the best design and color combination. Kimono batwing sleeves dresses are also available in different patterns and colors. Kimono long sleeve vestido are also in stock and comes in so many styles. Kimono vestidos are available in various designs, patterns and colors. Have a look at the collection of kimono dress Japanese here on our store and shop some best quality kimono dresses for yourself.